Application Process

Local Government like many other industries is experiencing difficulties filling vacant positions which has led to the current situation of Council not having a qualified Town Planner.  Council has arranged for town planning services to be provided to the Glen Innes Severn community by experienced and qualified town planning consultant/s.
As Council’s Town Planning Contractor/s  are located outside of the Glen Innes Severn Local Government Area, all town planning queries will need to be made via an appointment. 
Council is actively recruiting for this position however it is anticipated that the current arrangements will be in place for some time. Please contact 02 6730 2350 to arrange an appointment with Council’s contracted Town Planner.  Meetings can be arranged in person, over the phone or online.


Online Planning ApplicationsFrom 1 July 2021, all planning applications, including Development Applications and Complying Development Certificates for Glen Innes Severn Council will need to be electronically lodged online via the NSW Government Planning Portal.

The new process enables customers to lodge applications anytime using the online portal.

Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

Council’s Planning Staff are available on 0267 302 350 or to provide advice and assistance.

See the Planning Portal for further information and how-to-guides outlining the steps for the new development application process.

What is the planning process?

Overview of the Planning Process

The planning process in the Glen Innes Severn Council area is governed by the NSW state planning process.

This process is underpinned by a hierarchy of legislation and environmental planning instruments, starting with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EPA) Act 1979. It then steps down to various types of plans including State Environmental Planning Policies, the Glen Innes Local Environmental Plan 2012 and policies such as the Glen Innes Severn Council Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014(PDF, 4MB).

It’s important to note that planning legislation and environmental planning instruments are amended from time to time, so please make sure you’re accessing the most current versions by downloading them directly from the NSW Legislation website.

If you would like more information about the current NSW planning process or the proposed changes to the planning system, visit the Planning and Infrastructure website.

Basic steps to follow

Step 1.Confirm with the appropriate Council Officer:

  • that an application is needed;
  • what application will be compulsory for your proposal;
  • what information you are required to submit on the lodgement of your submission.

Compliance with relevant Acts, Regulations, and Codes along with Council Policies, Conditions and Plans will apply.

Step 2.Prepare and lodge your submission to Council.

All Council fees must be paid at this stage. Your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) must be noted in the application along with relevant plans, BASIX certificate and a Section 68 (Local Approval) application if relevant (see the information below on application forms, or contact a Council Officer to clarify what application forms you will need to submit depending upon your specific development).

Step 3.If your proposal is approved

thoroughly read through all conditions of consent imposed by Council and ensure that these conditions are met during the entire development process. Your proposal may need a Construction Certificate before it can be started. It will be stated in the conditions whether this is a requirement (this excludes Complying Developments, see below for details).

Step 4.Notify

Council at least 48 hours before the works commence.

Step 5.Where required

An Occupancy Certificate must issued before occupying a building.

Basic Steps to follow

If you wish to make an appeal, a modification or withdraw your application, please contact Councils Development, Planning and Regulatory Services department.