Illegal Uses of Water

Recent drought conditions have emphasised to all residents the true value of water as a community resource. Glen Innes Severn Council wants to ensure that all residents are aware of the proper use of water. Therefore, Council takes this opportunity to inform the community about illegal uses of water.

Council does not allow anyone to take water from any creeks, nor does Council have the right to do so. The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) controls Water Access Licence’s (WAL’s) and Work Approvals for Councils.

Council has a concession to take water from creeks for road works but does not exercise this right during severe drought.

WaterNSW is the entity responsible for the issuing of WAL’s and approvals to private land holders. Anyone taking water from creeks without a WAL and a Work Approval issued by WaterNSW is taking water illegally and should be reported.

Properties bordering a creek can access water under a Stock and Domestic Licence but can only use the water within that specific property boundary. It is illegal to take water over the boundary of the property for use elsewhere.

Council recommends that residents check the Water NSW and NRAR websites for comprehensive information: