On-site Sewage Management

Not all properties in the Local Government Area are connected to, or have access to, the Council Sewer Mains. In which case an alternative management system is required to be installed on a site.

Some on-site sewage management system options include a septic tank, composting toilet, cesspit or an aerated system.

The Local Government Legislation sets specific requirements for on-site systems. As the owner of the property, it is your responsibility to ensure that the system is approved by your council and that it is working properly. On-site systems can be a risk to public health if they are not properly maintained, they can also harm to the environment in installed incorrectly or not in keeping with Council requirements.

To ensure that your system meets the requirements, you need to obtain two approvals from council.

The first approval is to install the system.
This applies to new homes or alterations to existing systems.

The second approval is to operate the system.
As a new owner of a property that has an existing on-site sewerage management system (or systems), you need to have the Approval to Operate transferred to you. As a new property owner with an on-site sewage management system Council will waves the application fee if the application is lodged within a period of three (3) months from the date of the transfer of Land Title.

Council Officers carry out inspections to make sure these systems are working effectively and pose no significant danger to public health. Inspection costs can be found in Council's current Operational Plan.

Further additional information please visit the Office of Local Government website.

Onsite Sewage Management Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

The Easy Septic Guide(PDF, 987KB)

Onsite Sewage Management Brochure(PDF, 120KB)

Application for S.68 Water, Sewer, Stormwater & On-site Sewage Management Systems(PDF, 188KB)