Council Vision:

 A prosperous connected community that nurtures its people and places.

Council Slogan:

 Embracing Change, Building on History.

Mission Statement:

 To be a ‘can do’ Council, that is, a Council that is proactive and prioritises affordable and relevant service delivery for its community.


 Respect, Integrity, Courage, Honesty, Transparency

Strategic Priorities:

  1. Community Services - An Attractive Quality of Life - that is enhanced by cultural expression, an active inclusive community, with accessibility to the best possible services and facilities in a high country climate.
  2. Economic Development - A Prosperous Local Economy - that is encouraged and supported by sustainable investment opportunities, in a diversified business environment with accessibility to a trained and willing labour market.
  3. Infrastructure Management - Fit for Purpose Public Infrastructure - that is designed, constructed and appropriately maintained, to keep our community and visitors, connected, safe and able to access the amenities and services they require.
  4. Environment Heritage - An Appealing Sense of Place - that is protected and preserved, so that our authentic natural and built assets are showcased and enhanced for the enjoyment of all and enriched by new developments.
  5. Council Sustainability, Transparency and Communication - Recognised for Local Leadership - that upholds its values and responsibilities, is focused on the community through the custodianship of its assets and empowerment of its employees, to deliver the best value services and projects in partnership with others and within the means of Council.

NOTE: These strategic directions are discussed in more detail within the Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032 along with the corresponding goals and strategic actions.