Grants & Funding Opportunities

1. Local Economic Development Support Fund


Applications closed for the 2022-2023 Financial Year on 31 July 2022


The Policy provides business and community access to financial support.

The Policy ensures that the criteria for funding supports local economic outcomes in alignment with the Economic Development Strategy 2020-2040 and Action Plan 2020-2025 (GIHEDS&AP).

Policy Statement

The Policy establishes Council’s position regarding providing third-party financial support to enable and support positive local socio-economic outcomes.

The Policy is aligned to the adopted GIHEDS&AP and provides the criteria to assess applications through the Local Economic Development Support Fund Scorecard (LEDSF-SC) and a Local Economic Development Support Fund Panel (LEDSF-P) whom review and make recommendations to Council.


The Policy may be used to provide financial assistance to:

  1. A business entity – proven by an Australian Business Number (ABN) and/or Australian Company Name (ACN) proposing to establish or expand an industry, service or business in the LGA; and
  2. Local Volunteer Community Groups and/or Committees, Not-for-Profits, 355 Committees, Local Consortiums and Local Event Organisers proposing to incubate, activate or grow local initiatives, programs or events.

Assessment Criteria

  1. The extent to which the proposal aligns to the four (4) Strategic Pillars and Priorities in the GIHEDS&AP.
  2. The extent to in the which the proposal leverages the opportunities for growth outlined in the GIHEDS&AP.
  3. The extent to which the proposal delivers, supports or assists in the delivery of one or more action items in the GIHEDS&AP.
  4. Evidence of the community need and community consultation and support for the proposal.
  5. Demonstrated ability to successfully deliver the outcomes in a timely way.
  6. The quality of the application (e.g. a well-developed, clear and realistic action plan, supported by research where appropriate and including an accurate financial/event plan and budget).
  7. The extent to which Council’s budgeted funds are available for disbursement.

For a copy of the policy please email: or download here(PDF, 923KB)

For an editable word document of the application for email: or download here(DOCX, 27KB)

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