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Glen Innes Severn Council covers an area of 5,487 sq. km, and is located in the beautiful New England area of N.S.W., servicing the town of Glen Innes and villages of Deepwater, Emmaville, Glencoe and Red Range.

The Glen Innes Severn area is known as Glen Innes Highlands (Celtic Country), and is the home of the Australian Standing Stones, where the Australian Celtic Festival is celebrated annually in May.

A piper walks through a stone circle



2 July 2020

Council has engaged Micromex Research to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey via telephone....


2 July 2020

On behalf of the successful recipients, Council would like to thank White Rock Wind Farm for their...


26 June 2020

Council has partnered with GLENRAC to bring the residents of our area a series of webinar workshops...


26 June 2020

Community Groups that received a Community Donation during the 2019/2020 financial year were...


26 June 2020

Council advises that the Glen Innes Severn Local Government Area has been placed on Level One (1)...


Each week you can catch up with Council's news and information to residents on the website:


Council is currently conducting a bi-annual community survey which has been organised by Council with the professional assistance of Micromex Research, a company which specialises in community surveys and providing local government with a statistical analysis of the outcomes for planning purposes.

The survey will be done by phone calls to randomly selected local residents who will be asked their responses to a number of key questions. The results of the survey will be reported to the Ordinary Meeting of Council in either August or September and will be available for viewing by residents.

Council previously ran similar surveys in 2016 and 2018 and budgeted for the current survey in the Operational Plan and Budget for the 2019/2020 Financial Year, however it will be completed in the current Financial Year due to unavoidable delays experienced due to the pandemic.

The surveys are helpful in assessing satisfaction and priorities towards various Council-managed facilities and services and create a benchmark for the comparison of the results bi-annually. The surveys gauge where improvements have been made and where future improvements are needed. The surveys are also used to gather information which underpins the drafting of Council’s Community Strategic Plan and the Delivery Program.

The main areas of improvements mentioned in both the 2016 and 2018 surveys were roads infrastructure and economic development initiatives. These areas have been a focus for Council over the last four (4) years through the annual Operational Plans and Budgets.

The results from the 2018 Jetty Research report titled “A survey to measure satisfaction and priorities with regard to Council-managed facilities and services” is available for perusal at the links referred to below: 

The Satisfaction and Priorities Survey Report 2018 was included as an Annexure to the Business Paper for the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 28 June 2018. Mr James Parker from Jetty Research gave a PowerPoint Presentation at the meeting regarding the Survey.


Glen Innes Severn Council invites local not for profit community groups to submit a written application requesting a donation during the 2020/2021 Financial Year, for projects that will benefit the community. Council has a total of $33,000 available for distribution which includes the $5,000 received from the Sapphire Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.

Please note applicants must use Council’s Application Form for Community Donations, which lists the application guidelines. Council does not make donations to individuals. The application form is linked below. For further information please contact Danielle Mepham on 6730 2318.

The closing date for requests is Monday, 24 August 2020. All applications submitted by 4:30pm on this day will be considered by the Committee, with recommendations to Council addressed in a report at the September 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting. Successful groups will be notified in writing in early October 2020. 



From Friday, 26 June 2020 there will be new 1/4 hour (15 minute) parking zones effective on Grey Street applicable to four (4) parking spaces on the south side and three (3) parking spaces on the north side of the Bourke Street / Grey Street roundabout. These zones are applicable from 8.30am - 6.00pm, Monday to Friday and from 8.30am – 12.30pm on Saturday.

In April 2020 Council received a request from a resident for short term parking near the two (2) local pharmacies on Grey Street, to enable scripts to be easily picked up without leaving the vehicle. Due to COVID-19, the local pharmacies were delivering scripts to customers in their vehicles. In response, Council contacted both local pharmacies and both suggested that designated short term parking would be beneficial. Grey Street had short-term parking in the past however this was not re-instated after the Grey Street up-grade.

Two (2) short-term parking options were prepared by Council and were presented to the Glen Innes Severn Local Traffic Committee (LTC) for consideration. The LTC then made a recommendation to Council to install short term parking (15 minute) in Grey Street. The recommendation was approved by Council at their meeting on Thursday 28 May 2020.


Council advises that effective from Friday, 26 June 2020 the Glen Innes local Government Area has moved to LEVEL ONE (1) water restrictions.

Restrictions apply to the use of town water carted to rural properties and villages. Council encourages residents to refer to information on water saving tips at: www.nejo.nsw.gov.au/water-saving-tips/

Any changes to water restrictions will be communicated through Council’s website and Facebook page as well as through local media.

Further information on levels of water restriction can be found here.


Please note that Council posts information on the infrastructure works program each week on Council’s Facebook page. Comments on these post are not monitored and Council kindly requests that any requests regarding road maintenance be directed to Council’s Department of Infrastructure Services on 6730 2371 or in writing to council@gisc.nsw.gov.au

ROADWORKS INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE: https://www.gisc.nsw.gov.au/node/1771/council-works-program-current-projects


The JULY Ordinary Council Meeting will be held at the Glen Innes Library and Learning Centre on Thursday, 23 July 2020, starting at 6.00pm. The Business Paper will be available for viewing on Council's website from approximately 5.00pm on Friday, 17 July, 2020.
Council is practising Social Distancing as recommended by the NSW State Government during the Coronavirus pandemic. Council advises that Council meetings are not open to public attendance until further notice. The provision of a Public Forum before the start of Council meetings will also cease until further notice. 
However, members of the public wishing to address Council on a particular matter included in the Business Paper must complete the "Application To Speak At The Community Consultation Session Held Prior To Ordinary Council Meetings" form, which is available on the Home page of Council's website. 
This form must be received by Council by 12 noon on the Tuesday before the Council meeting emailed to: council@gisc.nsw.gov.au Therefore for the June Council meeting, the form must be emailed by 12 noon on Tuesday, 21 July 2020.  You must also email your address to council@gisc.nsw.gov.au and state in writing what you want to have read out at the Council meeting. 

Please note that any submissions to Council are not read out aloud. All councillors are given copies of all submissions to read and this is done along with the business paper and annexures prior to council meetings.

Please note that Council meetings will continue to be live streamed and viewable at http://webcast.gisc.nsw.gov.au/ 


Council’s Facebook page is an important platform for information to be communicated from Council to residents. Council advises that any commentary posted on Facebook posts which does not relate to the subject of the post will be deleted. The reason for this is so that the information in the post is not confused by unrelated commentary.
Council also advises that any commentary that is abusive, bullying, illegal or misinforms residents on any issue will also be deleted. Any persons who regularly post abusive, bullying or illegal commentary, or who regularly misinform residents will be reported to Facebook for further action by Facebook and will be blocked from Council's Facebook page.
Council also reserves the right to take any legal action as may be required regarding the misuse of Council’s Facebook page and the interference of Council’s use of this platform for the communication of information to residents.


The NSW State Government has recommended social distancing due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Council's Town Hall office reopened on Monday, 18 May, however only two customers can be in the foyer at any one time. Council asks that where possible you conduct business online or via the phone. Payments to Council can be made online via Bpay, Australia Post, E-notices and by credit card via phone on 6730 2300. Council is also accepting cheques by mail to Glen Innes Severn Council, P.O. Box 61 Glen Innes NSW 2370
Ratepayers of the Glen Innes Severn Council are reminded that the quarterly rate instalments are due on or before Sunday, 31 May 2020. For more information, please contact Council's Rates Officer, Andrea Davidson on 6730 2301.


Glen Innes Severn Council is a part of the local community and provides services to the community. Council’s priority is the local community. Therefore, Council is operating and making decisions during the Coronavirus Pandemic with the focus firmly on the community and Council’s role as a part of the community.

That’s why Council is implementing operational strategies specific to whatever stage of the Coronavirus Pandemic we all find ourselves in at any point in time. We are aligning how we work with up-dated guidelines issued by the Federal and NSW State Government.

Council has implemented social distancing strategies. We have re-opened the Town Hall and Church Street offices, however only two customers can be in attendance in the foyers at any one time. You can also contact Council by email or phone. You can also obtain information from Council’s website and Facebook page.

Council is also social distancing behind the scenes. Staff are working in smaller teams and in more locations and increasing numbers will be working from home. We are using our digital capacities to group together instead of in person. All meetings are held digitally or over the phone.

Council has also implemented hygiene measures as advised by the NSW Department of health. This includes hand washing, extra cleaning, observing hygiene etiquette and being generally more conscious of how we interact. Indoor and outdoor staff who are ill will not be coming to the workplace. Where isolation is mandated, it will be abided.

Council urges our whole community to activate a way of living and working which shares the responsibility of minimising the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic here, in our Local Government Area. It’s up to all of us, individually and collectively, to contribute to as positive a road through this as possible.

Everyone must do a number of things until otherwise authorised by the NSW Department of Health and Federal Government. These include:

  • Observe all NSW Department of Health guidelines and mandates;
  • Seek medical advice or intervention if you have flu symptoms or are otherwise unwell. Phone your doctor first before attending a doctor’s surgery if you have flu symptoms and follow the instructions given.
  • Be observant of protecting vulnerable residents such as the aged and the chronically ill;
  • Practise social distancing and reduce social interaction generally including observing the rules in respect of how many people can be together at any time. 
  • Observe hygiene measures such as washing hands, covering up sneezes and coughs and doing extra cleaning, particularly of hard surfaces.
  • Take preventative measures such as using gloves, tissues (disposed of after use), disinfectants, hand sanitisers and masks (if you have flu symptoms).

Council takes this opportunity to thank residents for your patience and for understanding that we have had to take steps in the way we work and how we serve you, in the interests of the entire community.

Craig Bennett, General Manager


Council urges residents to check up-to-date accurate information on Coronavirus at this website link:


Council also urges residents to practice easy hygiene steps which may assist in staying healthy during the up-coming flu season:


If you have any other concerns, please call the National Coronavirus Health information Line on 1800 020 080.    


Bush Fire Information Line: 1800 679 737 (1800 NSW RFS)

Fires Near Me NSW App




Local radio, TV and news.


Roads and Drainage: Telephone Number: 0409 817 242

Rangers: Telephone Number: 0417 890 889

Water and Waste Water: Telephone Number: 0418 162 794

This information is also available on this website by going to "Emergency Services" under the "Quicklinks" heading at the top right-hand position on the Home page.


Council has declared, in the township of Glen Innes, as an Alcohol Free Zone, the whole of Grey Street between Taylor Street and Oliver Street; including those streets, public places and car parks intersecting and adjacent to Grey Street from the eastern side of East Avenue and the western side of Church Street.

Council has declared the following locations within Glen Innes as Alcohol Prohibited Areas (Alcohol Consumption by Permit Only):  Coronation Park (Skate Park), Lions Park, Veness Park, Anzac Park, King Edward Park, King George Oval and Park, Wilson Park, Quinton Park and O’Shea Park.