Glen Innes Highlands Business and Community Hub

Glen Innes Highlands Business & Community HUB

HIGHLANDS HUB is a project to bring a shared business and community HUB to Glen Innes.  

The Glen Innes Highlands Business & Community Hub (Physical) project will create a central place where community and council come together with a common purpose of creating a thriving local economy and a socially prosperous community.

This is a key initiative from the new Economic Development Strategy 2020-2040 and Action Plan 2020-2025 for Glen Innes Highlands.  An application for funding has been submitted to the BLER Fund on 28 January 2021 and BBRF.

The funding would enable te fit-out for an inspiring training facility to run workshops and programs, as well as enabling the attraction of more conferences and business events.  The funding would enable programs to be conducted at the Hub that support the breadth of community needs including a start-up incubator.

Glen Innes Highlands Business and Community Hub (Digital) is a project that creates a Business and Community Hub utilising the Localised platform to provide our community with a central online space where they can connect, support and collaborate from each other with the objective of reducing local economic leakage through the ‘marketplace’ function.

 The Highlands Hub – Business was launched in April 2020 and now has 78 businesses registered on the platform.

Highlands HUB - Business

Did you know that we lose $200,000,000 out of our local economy every year? If 20% of that was retained locally an additional $56 million would be circulating in our local economy each year. 

That means more business growth, more profits and more jobs. We've funded a digital platform through the Bushfire Recovery Agency to provide our community with a game-changing tool to assist local business to connect and increase their revenue from within the community.

Highlands Hub - Business builds digital communities for local businesses to promote their products, their people and services. A modern business discovery tool with social network features. Supporting how businesses connect and generate more local revenue.  

Highlands Hub - Community

We're currently in development of a new Highlands Hub powered by Localised for our Community.

The new Community Hub will integrate with the existing Business Hub and include the following features:

  • Community Directory for Community members and groups
  • Community Articles/News
  • Local Jobs/Careers Portal
  • Profile builder for Jobseekers, Employers & Job Service Providers
  • Searchable Industry Content Page
  • Career Pathways Content Publishing

Why are we launching this platform? There are a number of reasons including; addressing the local jobs and skills gaps; no current consolidated view of local jobs online; a central place for community to connect and communicate.

BREED Incubator Hub

Glen Innes Severn Council are seeking to establish an exciting and purpose-driven business incubator hub, offering services and support to people and businesses with aspirations to grow their business or establish a new one.

Council's Economic Development team have been partnering with BREED Australia, an experienced incubator operator in NSW, to turn this into a reality for our local and regional community.

Stage 1 - Entrepreneurs' Programme - Incubator Support EOI - Successful

Stage 2 - Bushfire Local Economic Development Fund (BLER) and Building Better Regions (BBRF) grant applications submitted - Fit Out & Programs - Submitted

Stage 3 - Entrepreneurs' Programme - Incubator Support Full application - In progress
Stage 4 - Outcomes of Grant Applications - Expected June 2021

What will the BREED Incubator Hub include?

1. The Start-up Incubator 12-month ‘Rise, Shine, Grow’ Course

2. The Subsidised Office Space

Compete the EOI here