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The Draft PLACE Strategy 2020-2040 and the PLACE Action Plan 2020-25 (draft PS&PAP) provides the new Economic Development Strategy for Glen Innes Severn Council and the whole Glen Innes Highlands community. 



The strategy is a place-based approach to local economic growth.  As described in Place-based Approach to Regional Development: Global Trends and Australian Implications, John Tomaney, Australian Business Foundation;

 “Place-based economic development is ‘The new paradigm of local and regional development emphasises the identification and mobilisation of endogenous potential, that is, the ability of places to grow drawing on their own resources, notably their human capital and innovative capacities. This approach aims to develop locally-owned strategies that can tap into unused economic potential in all regions and are the basis for strategies that tackle questions of sustainable development and human wellbeing.”

The draft PS&PAP provides an innovative approach to delivering a place-based approach for Glen Innes Highlands.

The strategy is led by a VISION of:

“Our place grows from the people that live within it.  We connect, engage, nurture and motivate each other for collective prosperity and a vibrant community.  We create a place that is the envy of others.”


“Our Place Strategy provides a clear pathway to foster local economic development growth through an unrelenting focus on: Socio-economic wellbeing; attraction and innovation; economic resilience and investment; Connection and collaboration.”

The PLACE Strategy is defined within four (4) pillars and the three (3) strategic priorities under each pillar as outlined in the below diagram.

The KEY GUIDING PRINCIPLES of the strategy are defined as:

  • DIVERSIFICATION & SPECIALISATION - We seek to diversify our local economy by diversifying our dominant industries and supporting specialist industry growth.
  • SUSTAINABILITY - We seek to sustain our local economy for future generations to ensure their wellbeing and prosperity.
  • CLIMATE PROTECTION - We believe the science of climate change and seek to ensure that our impacts are reduced, renewable energy solutions are embraced and utilised and strive to be 100% renewable.
  • INNOVATION - We seek to not only embrace innovation and leverage digital connection but to create it with no fear of failure.
  • COLLABORATION - We believe that Economic Development is everyone's responsibility and that the village can raise the best outcomes just like it can raise a child.
  • LIVABILITY - We make every decision based on the benefit to the community first, and the benefit to visitors second, because we live here.
  • NURTURE - Collectively and individually we nurture our next generation to leverage the legacy whilst evolving towards an even better future with respect of new ideas, ways and means.
  • LOCAL PRIDE - We celebrate our town, villages and hamlets with reflective appreciation of our lifestyle and healthy way of connecting through our lives.

On public exhibition until 12 February 2021.



Visit, Live and Invest in Glen Innes Highlands

Glen Innes Highlands is Council's Destination and Economic Develoapment brand for the Glen Innes Severn Area. In Glen Innes Highlands we are committed and supportive of new ideas, industries and opportunities that contribute towards our local and regional economy. For a region rich in heritage we are continuing to attract a broad range of businesses and investors leveraging and capitalising on our endowments. We’re strategically located, at the intersection of two major highways, the New England and Gwydir, just four and a half hours’ drive from Brisbane, three and half from Ballina, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba (with its international airfreight hub) and two and a half to Tamworth. Sydney is approximately seven hours.

Glen Innes Severn Council’s philosophy is embracing change, building on history – we work with new and existing businesses to facilitate the ideal solution for their business needs.

Tourism and lifestyle attract visitors and tree changers every year. The natural beauty of our region with high concentrations of World Heritage areas, National Parks, Nature Reserves and State Council Parks combined with a diversity of quality tourist attractions, activities, accommodation, festivals and events makes for a vibrant community.

Go to the Glen Innes Highlands website here

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View our Future Planning, approach to Economic Development and current projects here


Supporting and promoting local events

There are many ways council support our local community events:

  • Display your event flyers at the Glen Innes Visitor Information Centre
  • Promotion of your event through the Glen Innes Highlands website and social media platforms
  • Register your event through the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and add your event listing. Your event will then be promoted on the events calendar and other major tourism websites. Find out more here
  • Speak with our dedicated Tourism and Events Officer – Rhonda, your contact into council for all event inquiries, hiring a council venue, traffic management plan, event funding opportunities and other free promotional opportunities. Make an appointment: Rhonda Bombell - email:  or phone: 02 6730 2408. 

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