Youth Services

Council has employed a Youth Worker since November 2009, funded by the NSW Department of Human Services - Community Services, under a Local Government Salary Subsidy (approximately one third) and Council (two thirds).  The Youth Worker promotes access to activities and organisations that enhance community involvement and encourage the development of self esteem, self-reliance and social confidence in young people, and facilitates delivery of services by relevant providers to young people.


The Youth Worker is available one day of each week (Wednesdays) on 0418 281 657.

Check the list of contacts for important regional organisations, including sporting and dance clubs.



Our youth achieved unity through diversity by engaging in the activities provided by Council and its network of agencies and sponsors during Youth Week 2018. 

Council’s Youth Worker, Dana Bowman, said around 90 tickets were issued to the Chapel Theatre’s presentation of the “Tomb Raiders” movie.  “The High School welcomed us and King’s Gym for a Fitness Obstacle Course which saw Years 7-10 compete against friends in a fun and supportive atmosphere”. ‘Dana even competed against Nigel King.  It was a fun and enjoyable day, preceding a great night that followed at Live @ the Library”.

The Live @ The Library event was attended by 106 young participants. Youth were involved through performing music, dance performances, operating sound and lighting equipment and as an audience in a safe venue. The Live @ the Library event met our local youth’s request to be able to have music opportunities which showcased their talents and gave them the experience of performing to a live audience. The night was enhanced with free popcorn provided by The Glen Innes & District Community Centre and a photo booth run by CDAT. A picture could be captured with friends along with photo props relating to drugs and alcohol. Give away bags also saw all youth on the night receive a free CDAT Beanie.  

Director of Corporate and Community Services, Anna Watt, thanks the many community groups and businesses who supported this year’s events. “The success of Council’s annual Youth Week is due to the willingness of our community to donate their time and engage with young people,” Mrs Watt said.  “To Glen Innes Family and Youth Support, The Chapel Theatre and its volunteers, Carelles, Glen Innes & District Community Centre, participating Council staff, Glen Innes High School teachers and students, Luke Oppenheimer, Dylan McKean, and Live @ The Library MC,  Navanka Fletcher, Council and our youth sincerely appreciate your contributions and express a warm thank you.”