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The previous Destination Management Plan 2016-2020 was adopted by Council at the October 2015 Ordinary Council Meeting.  

Council appointed Jenny Rand & Associates following a Request for Quotation (RFQ) process. The RFQ requested submissions to deliver:

  1. Research and Analysis review with report.
  2. Experience and Product Audit.
  3. Product Development gap analysis with recommended key opportunities.
  4. Long-term strategic vision with 5-year action plan including measures of success.

Destination management introduces a ‘holistic’ approach to the development, management, and marketing of tourist destinations. The approach requires that all tiers of Government, the tourism industry and business community leaders work together to develop and manage destinations.

Destination management aims to ensure that tourism adds value to the economy and social fabric of the area, is sustainable into the future, is resilient to external shocks and is responsive to changes in both the marketplace and competitive environment. It involves formulating a strong vision for the future of the destination and putting in place the framework and resources to ‘deliver’ this vision.

A Destination Analysis Audit was completed by Jenny Rand & Associates and the Glen Innes Severn Council’s Tourism and Events Officer in September 2020.

The draft DMP 2021 – 2026 provides eight (8) strategic directions with relevant strategies and actions to achieve the goal of that strategic direction.  

The strategic directions and goals of each direction are summarised in the table below.


Strategic Directions



Strengthen the Glen Innes Highlands (GIH) towns and the villages as both destinations and service centres.

To increase the number of highway and touring travellers stopping, exploring and spending money in Glen Innes and the villages.


Develop and promote touring routes that feed into and traverse the GIH.

To encourage more travellers to come into and explore the GIH.


Continue to develop and improve the attraction base of the GIH.

To strengthen and diversify the attraction base of GIH.


Consolidate the GIH as a destination for outdoor, adventure and nature-based activities.

GIH - a destination of choice for outdoor, adventure and nature-based products and experiences.


Grow the events sector.

A strong, vibrant program of events and activities that stimulates visitation and raises awareness of the GIH.


Ensure that the infrastructure, facilities and services needed to support growth of the visitor economy are in place.

Improved and expanded visitor infrastructure, facilities and services.


Continue to build industry capacity.

Skilled and motivated business and tourism operators.


Market growth and development supported by effective marketing and promotion.

Build destination awareness and grow visitation.

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The draft DMP 2021 – 2026 is supported by the DMP Background Analysis 2021 report.

Destination Management Plan Summary

Destination Management Plan Background Analysis

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