Pets and Other Animals


The main duties performed by the Ranger are:

  • Impounding and releasing animals from the pound, along with responding to  matters such as cattle and horses on the road and dog attacks;
  • Enforcing the microchipping and registration of companion animals;
  • Enforcing on street parking throughout the Local Government Area (LGA);
  • Trapping nuisance and unrestrained animals;
  • Monitoring and enforcing environmental matters.
Council's Ranger CANNOT investigate cases of Animal Cruelty.

This branch of the Department predominantly works under the Companion Animals Act 1998, Protection of the Environmental Operations Act 1997 and the Local Government Act 1993

The Council Ranger can be contacted during work hours on (02) 6730 2350 or 0417 890 889 (Use this number to contact the Ranger after hours as well).

After hours Council's Ranger will only attend to emergency calls. An emergency is classified as:

  • Cases of severe Environmental Pollution (ie. pollution incident, illegally dumped hazardous materials etc);
  • A Dog Attack; and/or
  • Unsupervised livestock on a Classified (Main) Road, ie the Highway's.

Please ensure that you make after hour calls only in an emergency. All other calls can be made during business hours the following day, or Monday if on a weekend.

Please leave a message and the Ranger on-call will return your call ASAP or forward your details onto the appropraite person. If you leave a message and it is not an emergency please be aware that you may not receive a returned call.