Valuing Glen Innes High Country Roadside Environments

Roadside vegetation community

Glen Innes Severn Council has won a grant to enhance the management of our roadside reserves. The grant of $45,000 is provided by the NSW Environmental Trust through a state-wide project managed by Local Government NSW.  Council will be able to survey high conservation value roadside environments, and add this information to its mapping system.

General Manager, Hein Basson, welcomes the program initiative which will assist several councils in New South Wales to further embed management of roadside reserves into planning, reporting and asset management systems. 

“This project funding will help Council to update the values of the natural assets in our roadside reserves into its integrated planning and reporting systems,” Mr Basson said.  “Current best practice management strategies can then be employed to maintain the reserves into the future.”

“Council appreciates receiving this funding from the NSW Environmental Trust,” said Mayor Toms. “It will enable better long term management of roadsides without directly costing Council.”

The Roadside Vegetation Management Plan has proven to be an essential tool in maintaining a balance between road safety, community services, and preservation of the roadside environment. 

Council’s Environment Officer, Ian Trow, said the project will build on the initial roadside vegetation survey that was completed in 1999, and Council’s Roadside Vegetation Management Plan which was implemented in 2002.

“Our unique roadside reserves form important biodiversity corridors and links across the region,” Mr Trow said.  “They are vital areas of connectivity.”