Off Stream Water Storage Named

“Eerindii Ponds” is the exciting and appropriate name chosen by Council for the Glen Innes Off Stream Water Storage. 

““Eerindii” is believed to be the Ngoorabul name for the locality of Glen Innes, including the Furracabad valley,” Mayor Toms said.  “An Aboriginal name was chosen in consultation with the Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Lands Council to honour Aboriginal heritage.”

The Eerindii Ponds are a major asset to Glen Innes as they have 16% greater water storage capacity than the Beardy Waters reservoir. “Last summer, Glen Innes was saved from water restrictions because of this increased water storage,” Mayor Toms said. “The Eerindii Ponds are a result of filling the two former quarry pits with water, with a third pond presently being created.”

The name is cited in hand written notes that were held at Deepwater Station and dating back to the 1800’s. It is also referenced in the publication “Speaking Our Way – A collection of Aboriginal languages of the Northern Tablelands of NSW” that was compiled by Bernadette Duncan and Harry White, and published last year by Northern Tablelands Local Land Services.

“It is thrilling to have the important off-stream water storage locality aptly named. ‘Eerindii Ponds’ guarantee Glen Innes’ water security and future growth; acknowledging the historic significance of area”, General Manager Hein Basson said.