Did you know that Council owns the water meter at your property, but it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that it is not damaged? The possibility of household water meter breakage occurs with the onset of frosty conditions. Ice can swell and burst water meters, resulting in pipe damage and loss of water supply. This time of year sees many water meters and associated pipes damaged due to extreme low temperatures.

Water meters that are housed in a Council issued meter box are protected from the elements and if damaged, will be replaced by Council at no cost to the property owner. Costs associated with repairs to water meters that are damaged whilst not protected by a Council issued meter box will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Water meter boxes are $95.00 and can be purchased via our Town Hall office. In comparison, the cost to replace the water meter is $189.00.

Should you require anything further, do not hesitate to contact Council’s Department of Infrastructure Services on 6730 2371.