Despite the drought and the heat it's good news for Glen innes ! Level 1 water restrictions are still at least four months away. However, residents should be careful in these dry conditions not to inadvertently run up excessive water bills due to garden watering! You can monitor your usage by reading the water meter regularly. Level 1 water restrictions are implemented when the supply in the Beardy Weir reaches Council’s adopted cease pumping level of 1500mm below top water level. Due to the weir being very shallow, and severe evaporation effects, there is no reason to implement restrictions until the water drops to our cease pumping level of 1500mm below top water level.

The Beardy Weir is 220mm below top water level. This means our total supply is still at 90% capacity, or 950Ml. We are currently consuming 0.7Ml per day from the Red Range Road bore, plus 1.6Ml/day from the storage. We have at least four month’s supply in the Beardy Weir, then we revert to a further two years supply in the low-evaporation Eerindi Ponds under water restriction conditions. Local storms continue to add water into the Beardy Weir even when the Beardy Waters itself is not flowing. Due to the local catchment, the level will generally rise by twice the amount of rainfall, and evaporation is also reduced for a few days.

How to read your water meter and other useful water information is available at: