GROW Glen Innes Think Tank

The Glen Innes community can now register to be directly involved in the delivery of the Glen Innes Highlands Economic Development Strategy 2020-2040 & Action Plan 2020-2025.

GROW Glen Innes Think Tank (GGITT) participants are a collection of people who are interested in collaborating, providing their experience, education and ideas across key elements of the 2020-2025 Economic Development Action Plan (EDS&AP).

Whist Council will facilitate the set-up and workshops of the GROW Glen Innes Think Tank it will not be a formal Committee of Council to allow greater flexibility.  GGITT participants can register for a variety of subjects, linked to delivering the Action Plan of the EDS&AP.

What it does: Allows Community and Council to collaborate on HOW the actions are delivered in the EDS&AP.

How it works:  Manager Economic Development will facilitate workshops to provide research, information, data or other information to set up the GGITT session and then facilitate open discussion on ideas, challenges, actions, implementation and further participation.

What’s the process to register? Simply complete the registration form online:  The registration form includes a list of workshop projects from Housing to Liveability to Youth and Tourism projects and initiatives which you select.  Once the workshop date is set registrants will be contacted via email to confirm their participation.