Glen Innes Severn Council’s Purchasing and Supply Officer, Preston Parkes, received a high commendation at last week’s annual Local Government Procurement conference, where his seven (7) years of quality service in his role with Council was recognised.  The Awards acknowledge excellence and best practice in the field of procurement within the local government sector.  The certificate for Procurement Professional of the Year is Mr Parkes’, and Council’s, first award  in the area of purchasing, and one that Preston sees as recognition of the huge steps that Council has made in recent years to progressively improve this service.

“The annual conference provides wonderful opportunities to network with larger councils, hear about their processes, and find out about new products that are working well for them,” said Mr Parkes.  “Many good ideas have come from these conferences, some of which Council has adopted, with procurement going from strength to strength.”

Mr Parkes credits the concept brought back from his second attendance at the conference some five (5) years ago for laying the foundation of Council’s award winning purchasing system.  “The planning system called Procurement Roadmap was introduced to us at that conference – a two (2) year planning tool for progressive improvement of procedures and systems.  Council chose to adopt the Roadmap and we are now far in front of many councils across the state, getting value for money for our ratepayers and doing it according to legislative requirements,” Mr Parkes said.

General Manager Hein Basson said the external acknowledgement received by Mr Parkes bears testament to the fact that Council staff are high performing.  “I am proud of Preston’s achievement and it is well deserved.  I am also very appreciative of the good work that Council staff are doing across the broad range of services and functions that Council provides.”

Director of Corporate and Community Services, Anna Watt, congratulated Mr Parkes on his commendation, noting the success of their working partnership at information sessions held this year where local businesses learnt about Council’s purchasing framework and how it can benefit them.  “Some of the initiatives Council has developed coming out of the Roadmap include monthly meetings of the Procurement Steering Committee, providing training for staff in purchasing methods and its relevant legislation, and networking with other councils to share great ideas.  Preston’s pursuit of excellence in his field continues to help drive productivity at Council,” said Mrs Watt.