Privet has been recognised as a priority weed under the Northern Tablelands Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan.  In the Glen Innes Severn Local Government Area (LGA) landholders should prevent the spread of Privet from their land by preventing Privet from flowering and spreading.  This may be achieved by pruning or hedging it, or removing it completely using mechanical, manual or chemical means.  Privet poses a threat to primary production, the environment and human health.  Flowering Privet can cause asthma or other severe allergic reactions in some people and animals.

Council encourages residents to dispose of Privet clippings and plants that they have removed from their properties at the Glen Innes Landfill.  Please visit Council’s Church Street office to obtain a certificate that will provide free entry to the Landfill for the appropriate disposal of your Privet plants.

Privet is a perennial evergreen shrub that grows up to ten (10) metres high. The leaves are oval with a pointed tip, and they are dark glossy green with a pale under-surface. The flowers are small and white. The heavily scented flowers occur in clusters up to 20 cm long.  Berries are green when young, turning a glossy black as they ripen.

Residents who need more information on identifying or controlling Privet can contact New England Weeds Authority on 6770 3602, or Council’s Church Street office on 6730 2350.