COVID-19 Food Authority Training

COVID-19 awareness for food service training

COVID-19 awareness for food service is a free, voluntary online course.

The training has been developed for anyone working in NSW food retail and food service businesses and covers key measures recommended for COVID-19 control. Key topics addressed:

  • COVID-19 Introduction and background
  • Infection, signs and symptoms
  • Self-protective measures
  • Protective measures for premises and personal hygiene
  • Cleaning and sanitation practices
  • Social distancing measures
  • Record keeping.

The course is self-guided and will take participants approximately 20 minutes to complete.

There is a 20 question multiple-choice quiz at the end.

A ‘COVID-19 awareness for food service’ acknowledgement certificate will be emailed to all participants who complete the quiz.

CLICK HERE to begin.

or visit

This training is a joint initiative between the NSW Food Authority and NSW Health.


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