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Frequently Asked Questions during COVID-19 (COMMUNITY SERVICES)

Q: Is Council offering a reduction on Rates due to loss of income?

A: No, Council has not been advised by the Office of Local Government of any reductions to rates.

Q: Who deals with food handling issues?

A: When it is restaurants, pubs and takeaway stores that is a council matter and you can call the Church Street office on 6730 2350.  If it is butchers or supermarkets that is a Food Hygiene Australia matter, you can call them on 03 9578 4661 or 0413 070 142.

Does Council have your email address to email correspondence such as invoices, receipts, certificates, etc.? If you would like to receive correspondence via email please email council@gisc.nsw.gov.au to advise what correspondence you would like to receive by email.

Library and Learning Centre

Q: Can we get more resources?

A: The Library team will be extending their Home Library Services to members who contact the Library on 6730 2600 and request a delivery of resources. Currently this is only for Glen Innes members but if we get a demand for resources from Deepwater and Emmaville members, we will make a run to the villages in the next few weeks.

Q: Can I get my Home Library Service deliveries? 

A: Yes, the regular Tuesday deliveries will be made to your door as usual with no contact for members or staff.

Q: Can I get help to access the resources?  

A: Yes, please contact the Library on 6730 2600 and a staff member will assist you. The link to our e-Audios and e-Readers is https://www.gisc.nsw.gov.au/library/digital-library

Q: How do I find the Library catalogue so I can request a resource?

A: The Library catalogue is located at https://glen-innes.libero.com.au/libero/WebOpac.cls If you are having trouble accessing the catalogue please contact Library staff on 6730 2600.

Q: How do I get access to the library’s digital databases for information searches? 

A: To find informational databases click on the following link https://www.gisc.nsw.gov.au/library/find-information-online

Q: I have overdue resources and I am self-isolating or cannot get home? 

A: The Library has extended all loans till 30 September 2020 and will review this date later in the year.

Life Choices – Support Services

Q: Are we still operating?

A: Yes, we are still operating, and we are still providing all the services that we were before.

Q: What services are you providing?

A: We are providing all the services that we usually provide.

Q: Are staff going to be wearing protection?

A: Yes, all staff have been asked to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and dispose of it after they leave your home, staff have bags to take it with them, this is for your own protection as well as the staff.

Q: If the volunteers are no longer working how will the Meals on Wheels be delivered?

A: LC-SS staff will be doing these deliveries.

Children and Family Services (CAFS)

Q: Is Vacation Care going ahead?

A: Yes, vacation care is planned to proceed at this time for those families where both parents / carers are attending their workplace.

Q: What will I do if CAFS closes?

A: Council considers its after school and vacation care an essential service for families who require childcare due to their work commitments. Council conducts regular reviews of its CAFS operations according to the current recommendations of the NSW and Australian Governments in relation to COVID-19. If CAFS operations are suspended, parents and carers will become responsible for the care of their own children and will not be charged for any current bookings.

Q: If the schools close will CAFS close?

A: Any service closure will be communicated to families as soon as possible. CAFS will be following any recommendations / restrictions of the Commonwealth / State Governments.

Q: If the government closes childcare will I have to pay?

A: No, you will not be charged.