Noxious Weed and Pest Control


Noxious Weed Control is an important function of Council. 

Glen Innes Severn Council and the New England Tablelands (Noxious Plants) County Council, trading as New England Weeds Authority entered into a three (3) year agreement commencing 2015.

The New England Weeds Authority (NEWA) has been delegated with authority to exercise all of Council’s functions, powers and responsibilities under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 and regulations. 

Included in NEWA's responsiblities is the implementation of the NSW Weeds Action Program 2015-2020 for the Glen Innes Severn Local Government Area.

Glen Innes Severn Roadside Weed Control Program

The New England Weeds Authority’s roadside weed control program in the Glen Innes Severn Council’s area commenced in October 2015 with the treatment of Cape and English Broom. 

The program then treated infestations of Chilean Needle Grass which was completed in early December 2015. Roadside infestations of St Johns Wort were targeted during 2016, and the Authority completed a roadside program for Blackberries also during 2016.

The Authority can be contacted on 6770 3602 for information and assistance with invasive plant species.

Information about Noxious Weeds can be found at:   or