Water Services

Glen Innes

Glen Innes sources water from the Beardy Waters, located to the east of the town. This water is treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water standards in a conventional type treatment plant, constructed in 1982. The process involves chlorine disinfection and fluoridation, and provides service via approximately 90 km of water main.

The mains network was originally constructed in 1930 and many of the original mains remain in use. These aged mains can cause discoloration of the water at times due to the release of iron scale, particularly if there is a local disturbance due to maintenance operations or fire fighting flow rates. This causes no health risk, but may cause staining of washing.  Council has created a Fact Sheet for residents that answers commonly asked questions about how to manage discoloured water.  Please contact Council if you experience this situation and the mains will be flushed in the local area to restore water quality. Council conducts a routine flushing program to minimise this problem. However, in times of water restrictions these operations may need to be performed less frequently, or not at all. Council also engages external contractors to perform air/water scouring of the mains. This process removes up to six times more scale than water flushing alone.

Water Hardness (for dishwasher settings where required) - Glen Innes Water Supply has a hardness of 180mg/l CaCO3 equivalent, which is at the hard end of the good quality range according to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. This hardness may also be expressed as 1.8mmol/l .


The Deepwater filtration plant was commissioned in December 2011, and is a Dissolved Air Flotation Filtration (DAFF) process. The treated water complies with the Australian Drinking Water Standards and is delivered via a mains network constructed in 1968. The treated water is chlorinated but not fluoridated.


For all water or wastewater enquiries please contact Council on 6730 2350 (BH) or 0418 162 794 (A/H).