Food Safety

Glen Innes Severn Council employs Environmental Health Officers, who monitor food safety within the Local Government Area (LGA). Activities undertaken by the Environmental Health Officers or Food Safety Officers include:

  • Monitoring and inspecting food shop establishments;
  • Educating food shop owners;
  • Promoting safe and hygienic food practices;
  • Assessing new food shop proposals and extensions to existing food shops;
  • Investigating food poisoning and unhygienic practices;
  • Enforcing and prosecuting serious breaches of misconduct.

Before any new Food Premises opens, the applicant must organise a meeting with a Council Environmental Health Officer to discuss requirements including:

·        NSW Food Authority Notification;

·        Compliance with the Food Act 2003;

·        The Food Regulation 2004;

·        The Food Standards Code.

Opening a food shop may be subject to Council Development Approval.


All food businesses must be registered with Council and the NSW Food Authority.

Food Business Registration Form


As a consumer it is critical that you can identify poor quality products. Avoid and report the following products:

  • Out of date products;
  • Pre-opened lids;
  • Swollen and dented cans;
  • Stained or mouldy food;
  • Leaking containers;
  • Unrefrigerated potentially dangerous foods.

For further information please contact a Council Environmental Health Officer.

Contact Details

(02) 6730 2350 (ph)

(02) 6732 3634 (fax)

You can also get more information about food safety by visiting the NSW Food Authority Website