Special Rates Variation Documents

Following Community Consultation in January and February Council resolved, at an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 20 February, to apply to IPART for a Special Rates Variation (SRV).

The documentation associated with the SRV application can be found below.

Proposed Special Rates Variation.pdf (1010.78 KB)

Special Rate Variation - Possible Alternative Distribution.pdf (22.99 KB)

Regional Farmland Rates Comparison.pdf (194.69 KB)

Long Term Financial Plan Discussion Paper.pdf (10.6 MB)

Revised Long Term Financial Plan.pdf (718 KB)

IPART Fact Sheet.pdf (PDF) (543.79 KB)

Proposed Works to be funded from SRV.pdf (224.96 KB)

Business Paper and Attachments for Extraordinary Council Meeting Held on 20 February

Application letter SRV.pdf (58.31 KB)

Application Form Part A .pdf (882.96 KB)

Application Form - Part B.pdf (2.24 MB)

Table of Contents.pdf (74.79 KB)

Attachment A.pdf (7.77 MB)

Attachment B.pdf (3.59 MB)

Attachment C - Part 1.pdf (5 MB)

Attachment C - Part 2.pdf (9.42 MB)

Attachment D.pdf (1.94 MB)

Attachment E.pdf (8.48 MB)

Attachment F.pdf (1.84 MB)

Attachment G.pdf (612.08 KB)

Attachment H.pdf (571.67 KB)

Attachment I.pdf (453.7 KB)

Attachment J.pdf (516.28 KB)

Attachment K.pdf (8.23 MB)

Attachment L.pdf (1.67 MB)

Attachment M.pdf (1.89 MB)

Attachment N.pdf (3.81 MB)

Attachment O.pdf (2.4 MB)

Attachment Q.pdf (2.06 MB)

Attachment R.pdf (3.29 MB)

Attachment S (didnt go to IPART).pdf (2.55 MB)

Attachment T.pdf (1.41 MB)

Attachment U.pdf (717.47 KB)

Attachment V.pdf (161.94 KB)

Attachment W.pdf (384.35 KB)

Attachment X.pdf (151.09 KB)