Policy Register - Alphabetical List of all Council Policies

Below is the complete list of current policies of Glen Innes Severn Council listed in alphabetical order.

Access to Information Policy

Access to Information Guidelines

Agency Information Guide GIPA Act 2009

Aquatic Responsibility Code 

Asbestos Management (Council Operations and Facilities) Policy

Asbestos Policy - for General Public

Assessment for Requests to Revoke Dangerous or Menacing Dog Declarations Policy

Asset Management Policy

Australia Day Policy

Availability Charges for Water Services and Sewerage Policy

Bank Account Overdraft Facility Policy

Building Over Sewers Policy 

Cash Handling Policy

Children and Family Services Policies and Procedures

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Program Code of Practice 

Code of Conduct - Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW

Code of Conduct for Council Committee Members, Delegates of Council and Council Advisers

Code of Conduct for Council Staff

Code of Conduct for Councillors

Code of Ethics Policy for Life Choices - Support Services

Code of Meeting Practice

Commemorative Events Policy

Communication Policy

Community Cultural Relations Policy

Complaints Management Policy and Form

Computer Usage Policy

Continuous Improvement Policy

Contractor Work Health and Safety Management Policy

Corporate Credit Card and Purchase Card Policy

Corporate Governance Policy Framework

Corporate Property Policy 

Corporate Uniform Policy

Councillor Access to Council Staff, Information and Premises Policy

Councillor Induction and Professional Development Policy

Councillor Induction and Professional Development Guidelines

Customer Service Standards

Debt Recovery Policy

Delegations of Authority from Council to the Mayor

Development Service Plan - Glen Innes and Deepwater Water and Sewerage (PDF) (1.74 MB)

Domestic Violence Policy

Domestic Waste Management Policy

Donations Policy

Drinking Water Quality Policy 

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Enforcement Policy

Erosion and Sediment Control Policy

Fatigue Management Policy

Financial Matters - Motor Vehicles - Private Tenders 

First Aid Policy

Fixing of Date and Time of Ordinary Council Meetings

Footpath Maintenance and Inspection Policy

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy

Gathering Information Policy 

Glen Innes Aggregates Trading Terms Policy

Grievance Resolution Policy

Policy Document Incorporating Guidelines for Councillor Workshops

Home Library Service Policy

Human Resources Policy Statement Register

Incident Management & Reportable Incidents Policy for Community Services

Internal Reporting Policy 

Investment Policy

Issuing of Stock Permits Policy 

Library Internet Policy

Library Young Peoples Policy

Library Users Code of Conduct Policy

Life Choices - Support Services Bus Use Policy

Life Choices - Support Services National Police Certificate - Criminal History Check Policy

Life Choices - Support Services Procedure Manual

Life Choices - Support Services Response to Abuse of People who are Older and People with a Disability Policy 

Life Choices - Support Services Service Delivery Policy Statement Register (People who are Older)

Limit of Delegated Authority in Dealing with Development Applications and Complying Development Certificates

Liquid Trade Waste Policy

Live Streaming of Council Meeting Policy

Lobbying of Councillors Policy

Lobbying of Councillors Guidelines

Local Approvals Policy

Local Business and Industry Policy

Local Economic Development Support Fund Policy

Local Orders Policy

Local Orders Policy No.1 Guidelines for the Keeping of Animals for Domestic Purposes

Logos Usage Guidelines

Mains Extension Policy

Mature Age Workforce Policy

Mayoral Fundraiser Policy

Media Policy

Motor Vehicle Leaseback Policy

On-Site Sewage Management Strategy

Organisational Matters - Policy on Easements (PDF - 12.23KB)

Pandemic Business Continuity Plan

Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to the Mayor and Councillors Policy

Planning Services - Lane Widening Policy (PDF - 82.22KB)

Plant and Fleet Policy 

Privacy Policy

Private Works and Hire of Plant Policy

Procurement Policy

Public and TAFE Library Internet Policy

Public and TAFE Library Young People's Policy

Public Art Guidelines

Public Art Policy 

Public Gates - Installation, Maintenance and Removal

Public Parking Policy 

Purchasing Procedure - Simple Purchasing

Rates Financial Hardship Policy

Rates - Pensioner Concession Policy

Recognition of Assets Policy

Records Management Policy

Recreation and Open Spaces Best Practice Policy

Related Party Disclosures Policy

Renal Dialysis Assistance Policy

Risk Appetite Statements

Risk Management Policy

Risk Management - Footpath and Cycleway

Risk Management - Road and Carpark Policy

Roadside Management Guide and Appendices

Road Hierarchy Review Policy

Sale of Other Assets (Asset Disposal Policy) 

Scores on Doors Policy

Secondary Employment Policy

Secretarial Assistance Policy to Section 355 Committees of Council

Service Delivery Policy Statement Register - People with a Disability

Single Use Plastic Policy

Smoke Free Outdoor Environment Policy

Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Christmas Party Policy

Statement of Business Ethics

Strategic Companion Animals Management Policy

Sun Smart and Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Swimming Pools Policy

Town Hall Hiring Policy

Union Picnic Day Policy

Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Unsealed Roads Rock Removal Policy

Vaccination Policy

Vehicle Crossings and Nature Strip Policy

Volunteer Policy

Waiving of Rates, Fees and Charges for Community Groups, Clubs or Organisations

Water Meter Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy

Working from Home Policy

Workplace Discrimination and Bullying / Harassment Policy

Workplace Injury Management and Recover at Work Policy

Writing off Rates and Charges Policy

Youth Services Policy