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If you were effected by the recent bushfires, and are looking to replace destroyed buildings that require consent, please contact Council's Church Street Office on (02) 6730 2350 to speak with one of our Planning and Development team members.

You may be exempt from a number of fees and charges in relation to lodging an application for Development and Construction Consent.

Application Process for Bushfire Effected Properties


“Development” is defined by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, and includes erecting or demolishing a building, subdividing land, changing the use of land or carrying out work on land. A large percentage of Developments within the Glen Innes Severn Council area need Development Consent. If a proposed development is not Exempt Development or Complying Development ( related sections) it may require a Development Application to be submitted and approved.

Note: Development Applications/Approvals are subject to Council's Local Environmental Plans (Glen Innes Severn LEP). They may also be subject to various Council Development Control Plans, Policies and State or National Acts, Regulations and Codes.

Examples of Developments needing Development Approval may include:

  • - Dwellings not meeting SEPP 60 requirements;
  • - Multiple dwellings on a single property.
  • - Other developments not meeting SEPP 60 requirements.
  • - Heritage significant proposals.
  • - Proposals in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • - Commercial and Industrial proposals.
  • - Torrens Title Subdivision (Land Subdivision).
  • - Strata Title Subdivision.
  • - Community Title Subdivision.
  • - State Significant Subdivision.

It is highly recommended that if you think your proposal may need Development Approval that you contact a Council Town Planner to confirm, or to clarify requirements for your proposal.


Building and Development

Development Application Form

Complying Development Certificate Application Form

Construction Certificate Application Form

Occupation Certificate Application Form

Application to modify a Development Consent Form

Building Information Certificate - Application Form (Formally a S.149D)

Contract for Certification Work - Appointment of Council as Principal Certificating Authority

Manufactured, Movable and Relocatable Home S.68 (Ancillary Activities)

Application for Minor Works / Maintenance to a Heritage Listed Item

Missed Critical Stage Inspection (for Residential Buildings and Sheds)

Not sure what you need to provide with your application?

Our Application Checklist may be able to answer your questions.


Bushfire Prone Land

Council - Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Risk Assessment - Application Form (Please contact Council's Planning and Regulatory Services Department to Discuss)

RFS - Single Dwelling Application Kit 2020 (Self Assessment Checklist)

RFS - Planning for Bushfire Protection 2019


Plumbing and Drainage

Combined Notice of Work and Certificate of Compliance

Application for S.68 Water, Sewer, Stormwater & On-site Sewage Management Systems



Road/Footpath Opening/Occupancy for Works Within Road Reserve Application Form

Road Occupancy or Road Closure for Events Application Form

Driveway Guidelines for Road Opening Permit

Application for Rural Addressing Number


Other Forms

Application for S.68 Ancillary Activities

Application for S.68 Operate a Caravan Park or Camping Ground

Application for Subdivision Certificate

Certificate Request Form 2020-2021