CBD Master Plan

The CBD Master Plan proposed a $2.2 million dollar investment in the CBD.  The Plan addressed a number of issues including improvements in pedestrian safety, upgrade of street lighting to meet Australian Standards, development of a town square/shared zone in front of the Town Hall and tree planting in the centre of the street.

The CBD Master Plan was adopted by Council at its February 2011 meeting.

In 2012, Council was successful in its application for a $1.8 million Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme (LIRS) loan from the NSW Government, which will enabled the CBD Master Plan to be completed in a shorter time frame. Under the LIRS scheme, Council received a four percent (4%) interest subsidy on the loan, making it much more cost effective and affordable.    

Work on the CBD revitalisation began in 2013, and has been carried out in stages.

The Project Manager – CBD Revitalisation and Director of Infrastructure - reported to Council on the progress of the project each month. These reports may be viewed in the Council's Business Papers