The Australian Standing Stones

Located in Glen Innes' Centennial Park, The Australian Standing Stones are a unique national monument to our country's Celtic Pioneers. Inspired by the Ring of Brodgar in Scotland's Orkney Islands, this is believed to be the first stone circle built for many centuries, as well as the first stone circle in the Southern Hemisphere.

The History of the Australian Standing Stones by John Matthew is available from the Glen Innes Visitor Centre, or can be posted out to any address in Australia.

The site is managed by a Section 355 Community Committee of Council, the Australian Standing Stones Management Board (ASSMB). The committee has just held its Annual General Meeting for 2017.  Read the report to the meeting on the highlights and achievements of the 2020/2021 year, from Chairperson, Judi Toms.

The Australian Standing Stones is the focal point for the Australian Celtic Festival, held each Autumn, as well as Summer and Winter Solstice celebrations and the commemorations of the Celtic Saints' Days.

Flag lowering ceremonies occur at 5.00pm on each of the following days:

  • 1 March - St David's Day (Welsh Patron Saint)
  • 5 March - St Piran's Day (Cornish Patron Saint)
  • 17 March - St Patrick's Day (Irish Patron Saint)
  • 19 May - St Yves Day (Patron Saint of Brittany)
  • 5 July - Tynwald Day (National Day of the Isle of Man)
  • 25 July - St James' Day (Galician Patron Saint)
  • 8 September - Asturias Day
  • 30 November - St Andrew's Day (Scottish Patron Saint)

Dawn services will be held on 21 June to mark the Winter Solstice, and 21 December to mark the Summer Solstice. The ASSMB organises an acknowledgement for winter and summer solstices and flag lowering for Celtic national days.

You can access more information about the Standing Stones at this link: