Located about 40km north of Glen Innes,the village of Emmaville has a population of approximately 350 people. 

Emmaville was originally known as Vegetable Creek.  The town was renamed in 1872 after the Governor General's wife, Lady Loftus, whose first name was Emma. 

The village experienced a mining boom after the discovery of tin in 1872.  Silver and emeralds were also mined.  Visitors to Emmaville can explore the town's mining history, and see samples of minerals, by visiting the Emmaville Mining Museum.

Emmaville was also the birthplace of St John's ambulance, and the first medical benefits fund in Australia started in the village. Today, Emmaville's medical needs are catered for by Vegetable Creek Multi Purpose Services Unit (MPS), a modern 17 bed facility, which was built in 2002, and provides essential services to a very caring and supportive community. The MPS caters for acute care patients and nursing home patients, as well as offering a comprehensive outpatient service. A doctor visits Emmaville on a weekly basis.

Visitors to Emmaville can enjoy a meal and refreshments at the Tattersalls Hotel or the Club Hotel. Accommodation is available at both hotels, and at the local caravan park.

Emmaville Swim Centre is run by Glen Innes Severn Council, and is open from  October to March. Aqua aerobics classes are offered.

Emmaville Central School caters for the educational needs of children from infants to high school.

Highlights in the Emmaville calendar include the Sheep Race and Dog Trials,  held on the third Saturday in March, and Gem Festival and Swap Meet, held on the first weekend in September.

Emmaville Map (PDF - 49.22KB)