NSW Local Government Elections 2024


2024 NSW Local Government Elections will be held on Saturday 14 September.

About this election 

Glen Innes Severn Council's election will be administered by the NSW Electoral Commission. For all information including key dates please visit the NSW Electoral Commission website or phone them on 1300 135 736.  

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For further information about your current elected representatives and their role in Council see the Elected Officials page.

Become a candidate for the 2024 Local Government elections

The Office of Local Government (OLG) has a new dedicated webpage on its website for candidates at the upcoming local government elections. The webpage contains a range of resources for potential candidates to assist them in understanding what their role and responsibilities will be as a councillor if they are elected.

You can find it at Become a Councillor.

The resources include:

  • The “Stand for your Community Candidate Guide”
  • An online learning tool for prospective candidates
  • Targeted candidate guides for women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disability, and young people.

Anyone interested in becoming a councillor for Glen Innes Severn Council is encouraged to contact the General Manager at: council@gisc.nsw.gov.au or by calling (02) 6730 2316 if they wish to discuss the role of the councillor further.

Learn about becoming a candidate, including understanding essential information and your legal obligations, the registration process to initiate campaigning, managing campaign finances, navigating the nominations process, creating electoral material, and ensuring compliance with disclosures and electoral expenditure regulations.


Voting is compulsory in Australia and enables you to choose who represents you in federal, state and local governments. You only need to enrol once with the Australian Electoral Commission to vote for all three levels of government.

Unsure which electorate you're enrolled in?

Check your enrolment details.


Non-residential enrolments for local government elections

If you have the right to vote in federal or state elections, you also have the right to be enrolled as an elector at a local government election in the ward or council area you live in.

When you enrol to vote, you will automatically be included on the residential roll for the ward or council area you live in. You must vote in local government elections in the ward or council area you live in.

Voting as a non-resident in Glen Innes Severn Council area.

You are eligible to vote as a non-resident in a ward or council area if you are:

  • an owner of rateable land in the ward or council area 
  • an occupier or rate-paying lessee of rateable land in the ward or council area.

Non-residential rolls are prepared and certified by each council's general manager, and the NSW Electoral Commissioner must confirm that the voters listed are eligible for enrolment on the non-residential roll. However, you are responsible for checking that you are eligible for inclusion in the non-residential roll for a council or ward when you make an application.

Non-residential roll individual application(DOCX, 47KB)

Non-residential roll nominee application(DOCX, 50KB)


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