Stage two (2) of the rollout of new yellow lidded recycling bins is expected to start in the next four to six weeks.  Council would like thank all affected residents for their patience during this period. The bins currently being used for recycling in Glen Innes are the oldest bins in circulation; having been used since the early 1990’s.  Council is reviewing all bins in Deepwater, Emmaville, and Glencoe, with a staged replacement program to take place at the appropriate time for those bins needing replacement.

A Waste Collection Service in Glen Innes, Emmaville and Deepwater, consists of one (1) red lidded 140 litre bin collected weekly and one (1) yellow (existing green) lidded 240 litre bin collected fortnightly.  In Glencoe, a service consists of one (1) red lidded 140 litre bin collected weekly and one (1) yellow lidded 340 litre bin collected monthly.  If you want to vary these bin sizes, please make an application to Council through the Church Street office.

Glen Innes Severn Council is rolling out 2,000 new 240 litre mobile recycling bins for Glen Innes residents. The new yellow lidded bins are specifically for recyclable materials and will replace the aging old green lidded bins currently in use. 

General Manager, Hein Basson, said that nearly 50% of general waste can be composted.  “Composting minimises the amount of waste going to landfill, so there is a great opportunity here for residents to make their own composting kit from their old bin.” 

Residents wishing to keep their old bins need to contact Glen Industries on 6732 1648 or email to by 28 July 2017.  Unregistered old bins will be automatically collected after that date.  Further information on the rollout of the new bins can be obtained by contacting Greg Doman at Council’s Church Street office on 6730 2350.