Glen Innes Severn Council is rolling out 2,000 new 240 litre mobile recycling bins for Glen Innes residents. The new yellow lidded bins are specifically for recyclable materials and will replace the aging old green lidded bins currently in use. 

General Manager, Hein Basson, said that nearly 50% of general waste can be composted.  “Composting minimises the amount of waste going to landfill, so there is a great opportunity here for residents to make their own composting kit from their old bin.” 

Manager of Planning and Regulatory Services, Greg Doman said that Glen Industries, who manage the recycling plant, will deliver the new bins on the same day that residents’ recycling bins are collected. “Any yellow lidded bins currently in use will not be replaced,” Mr Doman said.  “The rollout will commence from 31 July 2017.  Residents are encouraged to keep their old bins, particularly to convert to composting bins.”

Kylie Hawkins, General Manager of Glen Industries, welcomes the upgrade of the bin collection systems.  “We are hopeful that the recycling prompts on the lid of the new bin will assist members of the community to better identify and separate their rubbish from recycling,” Ms Hawkins said.  “Glen Industries intends to use the decommissioned bins for use at local events and other projects.”

Residents wishing to keep their old bins need to contact Glen Industries on 6732 1648 or email to by 28 July 2017.  Unregistered old bins will be automatically collected after that date.  Further information on the rollout of the new bins can be obtained by contacting Greg Doman at Council’s Church Street office on 6730 2350.