Community Committees of Council

Under the Local Government Act 1993 (Section 355), Council is able to delegate management of its facilities or functions to appointed Community Committees of Council. 

Council appreciates the efforts of such volunteers who become members of Community Committees of Council as they provide a valuable contribution to our local community. 

The meeting time, location, frequency, and Councillor representative to each committee can be viewed here.

Completed nomination forms for membership of a Committee of Council can be mailed to PO Box 61, Glen Innes NSW 2370, or delivered to the Town Hall Office prior to that committee's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Committees may also email completed forms and requests for information to or call the Communications and Committee Liaison Officer (Mahri Koch) on 02 6730 2314. 

Council updated in April 2017 the Manual for Community Committees of Council which provides guidelines for committee operation.

The following Community Committees of Council are holding their 2017 Annual General Meetings:

Aboriginal Consultative Committee:  Monday, 22 May at 11.00am at the Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Lands Council, 181 Lang Street, Glen Innes;

Australian Celtic Festival Committee: Thursday, 01 June at 6.00pm at the Glen Innes and District Services Club North Remembrance Room;

Stonehenge Reserve Trust Committee:  during June, at the Stonehenge Recreation Reserve;

Pinkett Recreation Reserve Management Committee:  Wednesday, 5 July at 7.00pm, at the Pinkett Hall; 

Minerama Committee:  Wednesday, 12 July at 3.00pm at the Council Church Street office meeting room;

Glen Elgin Federation Sports Committee:  during July at the Glen Elgin sportsground;

Australian Standing Stones Management Board:  during August at the Glen Innes and District Services Club Boardroom.